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Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (June 22)

Pirate AsuraWelcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about LotRO, Guild Wars 2 and any other interesting news related to gaming.

Guild Wars 2: Sadly, there aren’t any news… yet! ArenaNet is having several fans over at the end of the week. There’s no NDA but filming won’t be allowed. Still, who knows what we’re going to get out of it? I’m personally just hoping for Asura week because I want to know more about them! Or Sylvari week because I’m curious about their redesign.

If you want to make sure not to miss anything, observe Twitter’s hashtag #GW2Fanday.

GW2Guru is also listing the twitter accounts and websites of the people attending.

For our German readers: Kronos von Onlinewelten und DeBussy von Wartower werden da sein! Auf den entsprechenden Seiten könnten sich also auch News auf Deutsch breitmachen. ;)

GuildMag posted a community roundup where you can find the latest news (interviews, the link to the Guild Wars 2 Asset Kit,…).

Lord of the Rings Online: The Summer Festival has just started. Goldenstar has posted a guide for it as she always does for those festivals. I highly recommend reading it if you’re lost or don’t want to miss anything!

This year’s festival mount looks suspiciously like one of the spring festival mounts. Now, simple recolouring is unimaginative enough but I’d thought that they would at least make mounts specifically for the different seasons (like my autumn mount which has leaves on its saddlecloth. Oh well. Turbine will also sell another store-exclusive mount: The Steed of Bright Days. I like the idea theoretically but I think game companies always want too much money for their mounts. Especially when it’s just reskinning/recolouring. Anyway, it’s up to you whether you want to spend about €20 for it. Just remember that it is only for one of your characters and not account-wide!

Turbine also released a dev diary talking about the upcoming expansion and that stat changes of all classes. I found some interesting comments in DocHoliday’s blog entry… for example: Will Finesse be a the new Radiance?

Other games: City of Heroes will go the freemium-road just as LotRO did. You can play the game for free or pay a monthly sub. I am not a fan of superhero games but I will definitely have a look at it once this change is live. The release will be “later this year” with people guessing around September or October. Lego Universe is adding some kind of “free trial” model to its game this August. Syp takes this to speculate on which other games could go f2p/hybrid/freemium next.

Last but not least, League of Legends – which isn’t an MMORPG, I know – has had its first championship during this year’s Dreamhack. It’s over now but you can still watch the matches if you’re interested. Just head on over to their website.

I have a LoL account but haven’t actually played much. But it is a fascinating game! And who would have thought that they’ll be this popular when they launched? XFire lists them as number 1 again – even before World of Warcraft! And before you start: I know that XFire rankings don’t mean that objectively it’s the most played game. It just means that out of all the XFire users, it’s the most played one. Still, it is impressive. Not that many have managed to top WoW over there. Hmm… when looking at the ranks (you can sort by clicking on the name of the appropriate column – in this case, it’s “Rank”) I think bookahnerk isn’t far off when he’s suggesting that maybe Blizzard hopes to be able to release Diablo 3 when Bioware releases Star Wars: The Old Republic. Blizzard’s Starcraft II is number 5 in those rankings. Anyway, this is pure speculation.

“Convenience, not advantage” – still the LotRO Freemium-model?

When Turbine changed its subscription model to “free to play” (I like calling it “freemium” to differentiate it from the usual “f2p” models which only have item shops but no way to pay a subscription) players were worried about the kind of items we would see in their shop. Patience, back then Community Manager at Turbine, reassured us that the shop would offer “convenience, not advantage”. That was on June 5, 2010. When you’re now searching for that thread in the official forums, you will not find anything. It seems this thread was deleted (or “moved”, I think. If I remember correctly, Turbine doesn’t delete threads but instead moves them to an area that’s not publicly accessible).

Fortunately, Google Cache helps us out here: Convenience, not advantage.

With Update 3 came six new relics. Three of them can be “produced” in-game (by “melding” which can be done by every high level player). Three other relics are shop-exclusive. One of those relics is arguably one of the best for tanks. Of course, just buying this relic isn’t enough. You can’t get it out of the weapon once it’s in there. So if you ever want to switch your weapon, you’d either have to buy the relic again or buy the relic-removal scroll from their shop in order to remove said relic. Clever, eh? ;) Players are not too happy about that. Of course, you can argue whether you really need to buy this relic or not. The same goes for weapons, though! You don’t need to buy the better weapon from an item shop in f2p-game XYZ. You can just play with a weaker weapon. No problem, right? But when it was promised to the player community that there wouldn’t be an “advantage” in the shop and then they add something which is an advantage… well, not nice.

The inofficial EU LotRO community talks about it as well. – By the way, the community also always welcomes US LotRO players, of course! Critical comments on LotRO and Turbine won’t be deleted there either. ;) Well, unless they’re flaming or trolling. But common sense should tell you that. ^^

Edit on January 21, 2012: I just saw that this posting was linked to in Justin’s recent “Road to Mordor” on Massively. :) Unfortunately, I realised that I hadn’t actually put up the screenshot from Patience here. I thought I had. There’s only the link to Google’s Cache up there and it’s not valid anymore. Valandir sent me the screenshot in its original size which you can see on the left now.