Trove: Biomes and map colours

This is a work in progress. Trion Worlds is adding new biomes every few months (and redesigning existing ones when needed), so I will edit this post whenever needed.

Sometimes, I want to farm some specific items and I know I can find them in certain biomes the easiest, but I have a hard time remembering which colour is for which biome, so I decided to make a list with screenshots. Having a blog, of course, I will not keep that list only for myself but share it with you here instead. :)

Each biome has a few maps with different names which I’m calling sub-zones. But the colours on the map are still the same for each sub-zone that belongs to the same biome. The mobs found in each zone may differ slightly, though. For example, you can find fae in one of the Permafrost sub-zones as well as in one the Fae Wilds biome.

I tried to find the names for each sub-zone on the TroveWiki, but as the game is still in beta, some information is outdated and may be wrong/is wrong. The screenshots below were taken within the last couple of days, though. Those are up-to-date! ;)

Medieval Highlands: consists of the sub-zones Deep Forest, Firefly Party, Frigga’s Fjord & Highlands Plains.

Frigga's Fjord

Frigga’s Fjord

This biome is represented by a light green… pretty easy. It’s the same green you can see on the rest of the screenshot. ;)

Permafrost: consists of the sub-zone Dead of Winter and… probably some other one? This one got redesigned in closed beta and no longer hosts any robots.

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

The frost one is the easiest to spot. Much easier than all the greens, at least. As one would assume, “permafrost” is represented by a white-greyish colour on the map.

Desert Frontier: consists of the sub-zones Abandoned Boneyard & Desert of Secrets.

Abandoned Boneyard

Abandoned Boneyard

Desert of Secrets

Desert of Secrets

I would call this a dark-salmon colour if I had to find a name for it. It’s kind of orange, but a bit too pale for it. Additionally, the map sometimes seems to fade in places which makes this colour even more difficult to define.

Cursed Vale: consists of the sub-zones Viking Burial Ground & …Cursed Vale. Not sure if that is correct or if they just ran out of ideas for names of sub-zones here. As far as I know, Cursed Vale is due for a redesign in the future.

Cursed Vale

Cursed Vale

The Cursed Vale is represented by purple. I love going there to do my daily for the cubits. It’s relatively fast, mostly because I find the dungeons very easy on this biome. I usually don’t need to spend several minutes trying to find the entrance or jumping my way up into a dungeon.

Fae Wilds: consists of the sub-zones Bewitching Wood, Uncanny Valley & Spellbound Thicket.

Bewitching Wood

Bewitching Wood

Fae Wilds have a dark green on the map. This is one that I always forget and when I desperately needed some faerie dust, it took me ages to get it, because I probably always ran past the Fae Wilds not knowing they are right next to me. ;)

Dragonfire Peaks: according to the wiki, it has no sub-zones, but I believe Dragon’s Teeth and Blazing Emberlands are two sub-zones that belong to Dragonfire Peaks. At least, both of them feature dragons and lava.

Dragon's Teeth

Dragon’s Teeth

Blazing Emberlands

Blazing Emberlands

Dragonfire Peaks are represented by dark red. Almost brown, probably. I love this biome whenever I want to go mine for ore. Just drop down into one of the caves (usually found by jumping down into holes next to lava). The caves in this biome are huge!

Neon City: consists of the sub-zone Data Spires. Robots! This biome always reminds me of Futurama.

Data Spires

Data Spires

Dark grey… I always confuse those with the dark purple colours of the Cursed Vale. But here you go. If you need Robotic Salvage – and you probably will need those! – then this is the place to go.

Peaceful Hills: consists of Peacefull Hills and Outpost of Light. I am actually not sure whether the biome is called “Peaceful Hills” or not. I just find that name fitting. This biome hosts sunflowers where you can get the bulbs needed for gardening. Other than the shadow invaders, no hostile mobs can be found here.

Peaceful Hills

Peaceful Hills

Candoria: the newest biome. Quite obviously focusing on sugary goodness. So far, I have seen the sub-zones “Cupcake Canyon” and “Sugar Steppes”.

Cupcake Canyon

Cupcake Canyon

Let’s be honest here: This biome is not hard to miss at all. It’s light pink. When you’re in it, too pink if you ask me. What I loved was the melted chocolate. When it comes to liquids, we have lava, water and plasma (in Neon City, drains energy) and now we’ve also got liquid chocolate! My character immediately went to take a chocolate bath. Also, movement is slowed in there. I wonder why… ;)

Sea of Tranquility (no sub-zones). Nothing is really happening down here.

Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility

But it’s important to note that you can cross it! Just ride through it to get to the next biome you want to head to. There are no mobs, but in order to get back up into a biome, you will need to use some of your cubes. Just point the camera below your character and hit the button assigned to whatever cubes you want to use to get up fast. Then click and jump, click and jump, click and jump until you’re at the desired height.

Ask Nerdy Bookahs: Questions about Trove

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked at the questions in the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting entries and we’re trying to answer those questions now.

This time, the topic is Trove. We have seen quite a lot of questions that led to this blog, but we have not answered them here yet. Or we have, but they are outdated. Trove has gone into open beta at the beginning of November and with it, the game saw quite a few changes again.

How do I get cubits?

Cubits are the game’s currency. The kind you get from playing the game, not the kind you have to buy with real money (those are called “credits”). You used to get cubits the first time you entered the game after creating your account. Since you could buy things in the store and trade them to others, Trion Worlds have pulled back on the amount of cubits you get without doing anything. You no longer get any cubits when you first log into the game. You also no longer get free cubits just for logging on once a day.

Trove Questions

You do get a bar at the top right corner of the screen that fills when you do dungeons. Once the bar is filled, you get the amount of cubits written on there (500 on any week day, 1000 on Saturdays and Sundays). You can only do this once per day. At server reset (12 pm for us here in Paris/Berlin time), the bar reappears and you can fill it up again. If you don’t have much time on a given day, don’t worry. The progress is saved! Fill the bar a little bit every day if that’s all you can do. But remember: Once it fills up, you can’t fill it up again until after server reset. So, if you can only fill it up once a week, for example, try to time it so it fills on a Saturday or a Sunday in order to get the 1000 cubits. ;)

A second way to get cubits is to increase your mastery level. Click “C” to open your character sheet, then click on the ribbon to see the rewards you get for each mastery level. Reaching level 3 gives you 500 cubits. Level 6 gives you 100 credits, by the way! So, mastery even gives you a bit of the currency you usually have to spend money for.

Trove Questions

Gaining mastery isn’t hard either. Almost everything you do in-game gives you mastery. Levelling the gardening profession, for example. Gathering and unlocking skills. Gaining levels with your classes. Just play and you will see the messages on the right of your screen whenever you get some more XP towards your mastery levels.

How do I get skins?

This is quite easy, actually. You play the game! Mobs can drop items, as do the chests from bosses in dungeons. Each item that has a skin (rings don’t, for example), will either have a green line of text saying you haven’t collected that item skin yet, or a red one saying you already have collected it. If you haven’t, throw it in the Style Saver (careful: This will destroy the item! Only do it once you don’t need the item anymore, e.g. when you outlevelled it). This will unlock the style. By default, you can open the collections window with “I”. Click on the “Styles” tab to see all the styles you have collected already. Each collected style will also give you some XP for your mastery level!

What is a club?

This is simple. A club is what guilds are in MMORPGs. You can join up to 5 clubs (just like you can join different guilds in Guild Wars 2). You always only represent one of the clubs, though. The clubs window can be opened with “P”. Click on the little flag of the club you want to represent. Click on “Club World” to enter that club’s world. The good news is that even when you’re not currently representing a club, you can still read that club’s chat! You can also use a club for yourself to have a huge world to build in. You can create a club with a “Club Card”. Go to the Crafting Bench (if you don’t have one yet, click “V” and craft a Crafting Bench. Put it in your cornerstone!) and click on the “Club World” tab. The Club Card costs 100 Formicite Ore, 300 Shapestone and 100 Warpsteed. It may sound like a lot, but it isn’t.

Boss attacks house?

I am actually not 100 % sure what the person asking this question wanted to know. Sometimes, you can hear a loud “bang” and see something like an explosion. The guy that lands is a “Shadow Invader”. This invader is a bit more difficult to kill than regular mobs, but not that difficult either. When it dies, it usually gives you some flux which is needed to later upgrade your items. Don’t worry about flux if you’re just starting out. Collect it and wait with upgrading your items until you’re higher level.

Something slightly annoying is that regular mobs (and Shadow Invaders!) also spawn and enter your cornerstone. So, you may find yourself in the situation of having to fight them. Uninterrupted building on your cornerstone isn’t possible because of this, so be careful. Especially when using skills that can also be used to mine building blocks as you can destroy everything on your cornerstone.

That’s it for today. If there are more questions, I will try to answer them here.

Trove: Candy Barbarian revelead!

Trion Worlds made a news post revealing the candy barbarian yesterday. Or rather, revealing the skills that new class will have. We already know its name, after all. :)

Trove Preview Candy Barbarian

I’m going to be lazy and copy and paste the skills and their descriptions here:

Gum Drop (Passive): When you hit (or are hit by) enemies, you’ll spill candy on the ground. Scoop it up for sweet boosts to health or speed!

Vanilla Swirlwind: Spin like a cotton candy machine gone berserk, striking all enemies within range.

Sugar Crash: Launch into the air and crashes down on your target with devastating force.

Eis-Crom Cone (Ultimate): Invoke the powers of Eis-Crom, god of all things candy, to waylay your foes with an exploding ice cream cone of terror!

The first skill is passive which means that no matter what happens, this will always be active. Boosts to health or speed sounds a bit RNG. That reminds me of the elixirs that the engineer in Guild Wars 2 has which have that element of surprise as well (or did they change that? I haven’t played my engineer in ages, but I know people always complained about the random nature of some elixirs).

To me, the Vanilla Swirlwind sounds the most fun! Spinning and hitting. Of course, this only makes sense if there is more than one enemy, I assume? You cannot see any numbers in Trove, by the way. There is no combat log and no tool tip showing you that you did x amount of damage.

I wish they had streamed last night, so that we could have seen the candy barbarian in action. They wanted to, but seemed to have technical issues.

Anyway, I am a bit skeptical, actually. I know Trove is a fun game with silly stuff in it, but so far, the classes always still seemed “serious” enough to just put them in any fantasy game. The candy barbarian – not so much. On the other hand, I did write about classes and expectations and it is nice that they’re trying to be creative here with themes and class names etc.

Trove Candy Barbarian fighting

And look at that! The candy barbarian is a dual-wielding class! I love dual-wielding. My favourite classes are usually warrior-like types who dual-wield swords.

The patch that will bring us the candy barbarian will arrive on November 18, by the way. I can’t wait to try it out. If they go with it the way they have released the other classes, then we’ll be able to get it for 5000 cubits (the in-game currency) or alternatively, for 1050 credits*. So, go do your daily dungeons in Trove to earn the cubits needed for this class. :)

* For 18,99 €, you get 3250 credits. So, that class would cost you something like 6 € (plus a few cents). But if I were you (and wanted to support the game and buy credits), I would rather spend the cubits on the class and buy something else for my credits which cannot be paid for with cubits like costumes, some mounts and so on.


Away to game…

After some careful consideration – no, actually, it was an easy and fast decision. Something that’s still been on my mind for the last two or three days, though. I am going to quit NaBloPoMo. I like projects like these and I like setting myself goals and “rules” like these. However, it just doesn’t make any sense this year. Last year, I didn’t have a fulltime job yet. I did not do as much exercise as I currently do (actually, it was just more efficient but because of other health issues, I can’t do any “real” sports like jogging) and – okay, I still cooked as much and regularly as I do now. The end result, though, is that I spent most of my free time blogging so far. But it just doesn’t make any sense to blog about gaming when you can’t actually play any games. How am I supposed to write about the Silverwastes when I’ve hardly had time to explore them?

GW2_combat_silverwastesHow am I supposed to write down about my experiences with the Rift expansion when Meffanda is still only level 61?

I also have a few posts in my head that would take me longer than one evening to write them down or prepare them. But having to make one blog post every day means I can’t write on the longer blog posts while not having any content for shorter blog posts either.

So, I will stop with NaBloPoMo now. You can find me either there (*points Tyria*) or there (*points to Telaria*).

Rift_combat screen

It’s still been fun to write more often again! So I will keep up the increased activity, but maybe a middle ground would be the better choice. ;)

GOG Fall Sale and guilty pleasure games

I have just made some wintery cookies (with chocolate and hazelnuts) that taste a bit like (German) Lebkuchen. This hasn’t been my intention, by the way. It does make me wonder how Lebkuchen is made… I’ll have to look for a recipe.

Anyway, this isn’t why you come here, right? My gaming rant of the day… Okay, no rant, but news that has started its fall sale and you can currently get “Mount & Blade” for free. Just have a look at their main website ( in case you were wondering) and scroll down a bit until you see “Free game: A special gift for everyone“. This offer lasts for 44 more hours. is a bit like a guilty pleasure for me. I’ve been buying games on there simply for nostalgic reasons. Let’s have a look at them: The Cultures games (part 1 and part 2), for example. I would love to see some similar game nowadays. Maybe a bit faster as it was a bit slow. And having women for more than baby-producing would also be nice. But in general, I really loved those games. They’re similar to the Settlers, but you each of your villagers can be named, can be given a profession and so on. It’s just more micro-managing. At the same time, combat was very boring. At least in the first game. They redid the system later and it worked much better.

Oh… I just wanted to write about my second guilty pleasure, Summoner. I bought it on despite knowing I’d never play it. But it was my first RPG with such graphics (and not text-based, for example ^^). I bought it on gog even though I did feel guilty spending money for it. However, I am rather glad now that I did so. Back in August, the publisher has taken the game off gog.

One of my favourite games when I want to kill some time is Triple Town, though. It’s not one of the old classics like the ones above. Triple Town got released at the end of 2012. It’s basically a “match 3″ game, but the graphics are cute and it’s got a nice puzzle aspect to it. If you want a more complicated puzzle game, try Reus. With the latter, also make sure to listen to the soundtrack. It’s amazing!

Trove: Movember Madness Bundle

Trove received another patch today: Mustache and Mushroom Edition. You can find the patch notes on the official forum.

Trove Movember PatchFirst things first, they have added a limited time bundle. Get it now, before they take it out of the store again! It contains 5 mustaches styles (found in the styles window – basically your costumes – not at the barbershop where I was looking for them at first), 7 mustache blocks and a mustache mag rider. All of this for the low price of 100 cubits. Yes, you read that right. Cubits! The currency that you get by playing the game. This is a limited-time bundle which gives you fun items and you do not have to get out your wallet. In fact, you can earn 500 cubits a day by playing the game. So, even if you don’t have 100 cubits yet, playing the game a bit gives you enough to buy it right away. :)

I have to admit, when I read the patch notes, I was sure this was a typo and they meant credits (the currency you pay real money for). I guess I’m too used to all the other games always adding limited-time boxes for real money. I’m pretty sure Trove will offer those soon enough as well, but for now, it’s free.

The stuff you get all counts towards your mastery level, by the way. I got to mastery level 19 now which as a reward gives me an increase in crafting speed.

For me, the highlight of the new patch is this jewel, though:

“Tooltips now appear on the character sheet for equipment and styles.”

Trove_Movember PatchAs you may know, you can only have one character with your Trove account. You start as a knight, but can switch to the gunslinger (and all other classes once you have unlocked them) at the class changer. When you switch to another class, you keep all progress with your previous one. Experience, items etc. will all still be there once you change back. My knight is currently level 13, my fae trickster is level 4. When I switch to my fae trickster, all the equipment and the items I chose as her style items (the equipment determines the stats my character has, the style is what the character looks like) are switched to what I had on when I last played the fae trickster. When I switch back to the knight, the stuff I had with the knight is back on. I guess you get the system, right? ;)

So before this patch, the character sheet showed the icons but no descriptions. Try to remember what your 5 classes are wearing and which of the items has the +3 jump on it that you definitely wouldn’t want to switch for a different item. The game has had item comparison before (a tooltip showing you which stats change by equipping the item you’re hovering over), but that did not always help when you did not currently have an item you want to compare it to.

And guess what? Just when I was working and this post – while watching sirregular’s Twitch stream where he’s playing Trove – I won the new mount that can be crafted, the Springy Sporeling! Maybe you remember me writing about winning the robo raptor mount a few days ago? Guess whose stream that was from? :p When it comes to giveaways concerning Trion World’s games, I seem to be a very lucky ducklar.

Are you concerned about getting spoilers?

Heads-Up: I’m trying to be as vague as possible when I touch the area of the story and will not talk about the actual content!

When the latest piece of the Living Story was released last Tuesday, I knew I would not have the time and patience to go through it in one go. On Wednesday, I usually listen to the GuildNews podcast, and I really appreciated them warning their listeners/viewers about spoilers when they started talking about the living story. One day after release, I assume there were still quite a few who hadn’t played through it yet. I quit the podcast at that point, because I did not want to know what would happen.

The funny thing is: I did get spoiled about the ending right before the patch got released. I just didn’t know that this piece was the important new story bit until I reached it myself in the story.


So, did I get annoyed? No. Surprisingly not. I hadn’t known about it until the end, after all. ;)

I think I just watched too many episodes of Columbo as a kid. I remember a friend who made fun of me liking Columbo. He said: How can you like watching that show when you already know who the murderer is within the first minute? I replied: The point is not finding out who the murderer is. The point is finding out how Columbo finds out!

In games – or MMOs rather -, it’s a bit different, of course. Especially in Guild Wars 2, I am not sitting there watching how anybody finds out something. My own character is in the middle of the storyline. It’s not made to be like Columbo. On the other hand, games aren’t like watching TV either. You’re not passive – which may make you get bored when you already know what’s going to happen next. You are actively playing. The fights against the NPCs can still be challenging. There may even be a few good loot drops (spoiler: No, there most likely aren’t. Unless you’re very lucky with the RNG :p). And, of course, there are friends to play with. The latter is probably true for movies as well. I may even have had the most fun watching really bad things on TV with friends, because we would just laugh about it and make jokes. But I digress. The point is that while I’d appreciate not knowing what’s going to happen in advance, it doesn’t bother me much in MMOs. The story and its plot has never been the reason why I’m playing an MMO, after all.


Having said all that, I still very much appreciate all those who start their blog posts with spoiler warnings or say loudly that they will be talking about the story in a bit in their podcast, so you can turn it off in time in case you do not want to get spoiled!