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Weapon Master…

We have successfully moved and most of our stuff is in the new place. I have also been ill for the last three weeks – yes, my timing is impeccable. However, now that most things have settled, it is time to call for an end of our summer break and you’ll see me blogging here more often again. :)

Some time ago, I wrote about my favourite “profession” which is actually not a profession per se, but a weapon and a specific playstyle (especially in Guild Wars 2): The one-handed sword.

I’m very close to 10.000 achievement points and had a look at the various categories to see where I could get some more points when I found the weapon master tab. As I said in that post, I really love the sword, but I had no idea how much I love it, especially considering that I actually do have five professions at level 80 already!

GW2_Weapon Master


Flammkuchen_onions and baconUpdate April 10: I forgot to edit this post to say that this is, of course, just an April Fool’s Joke, but to be honest, I did not expect anybody to fall for it anyway. ;) I just remembered that last year, I had posted a nice recipe on April 1 already and wanted to continue with this tradition. The recipe is real, though! :oD

We had to wait 1,5 years for  ArenaNet to announce quite a lot of the  features coming on April 15 that the community has been asking for. Is it a coincidence that all of them are ready for release at the same date? I don’t think so. Instead, I am absolutely certain that they postponed all of them to shove that stupid Living Story down our throats. You may have noticed it, but the content here in this blog has become about so many other games recently and we hardly ever write about Guild Wars 2 anymore. It’s just not a game that I enjoy playing anymore. I’m sorry, but here it is. The truth is out. The decision was made even easier for me, since our guild has recently decided to move back to Guild Wars 1.

But what about our tiny little blog here? I had previously tried to add some more flavour to this blog by adding a baking recipe. The truth is, while I can bake cakes and muffins, I don’t do it often nor am I really that good. But I can cook! So, from now on, I will concentrate on other things that I enjoy more. For example, my new gaming addiction: Sim games. I’ve tried out a pig sim which was fun enough. Then I tried out a railroad sim and the last game I have gotten addicted to is a cooking sim which even lets you add your very own recipes! This is perfect and lets me combine my two hobbies! I will try out cooking recipes in this sim and if my sim people like it, I will present the recipes here. So don’t worry, I will still be writing about games here, but it will only be about the cooking sim from now on!

The Flammkuchen recipe will make the start. That’s tarte flambée in English – although I’d prefer calling it “flame cake” instead. ;)

250 gr flour
125 ml water
2 spoons of oil (vegetable oil preferably, nothing like olive oil as the taste is too strong)
a bit of salt
100 gr sour cream
100 gr crème fraîche
salt and pepper
Toppings (can vary)
1 big onion (sliced in rings)
200 gr bacon (pieces)

Pre-heat the oven (250°C). Get the flour, add the salt and the oil and then carefully add the water. Try adding less than the amount mentioned above first. The resulting dough should not be sticky! Depending on your kind of flour, you may need less or more than the water mentioned above. Also, taste if there’s enough salt in your dough. It shouldn’t be too much, but the dough shouldn’t be „tasteless“ either. Then roll out the dough very thinly on baking parchment. It’s important that it’s thin. This is not a pizza! ;) You may find that the dough is actually enough for about 1,5 baking trays. That depends on how thin you actually manage to make it. Now mix the sour cream and the crème fraîche. Add as much salt and pepper as you like. Coat the dough with it. Add the onions and the bacon on top. Put everything in the oven (~ 7 minutes, 250°C). The amount of time it needs depends on your oven, so stay there and watch it! Take it out if it’s getting too brown.

Flammkuchen_rocket goat cheeseThe toppings can vary according to your taste. Get creative here! What I mentioned in the list above is the Alsacian tarte flambée, but really, you can add just about anything you like. Use e.g., tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket, mushrooms, leek, brie,… – even olives and feta work quite well! Just never overdo it with the cheese. As I said above, this isn’t a pizza. In the picture below, you see a variation made with rocket and goat cream cheese. An important tip: Keep the rocket off the dough until it is finished baking! I had a brainless moment once and had put the rocket into the oven. ;) Only put the goat cream cheese on it and when it’s finished baking and out of the oven, add the rocket. We also experimented a bit with the sauce. The Flammkuchen on the picture below was made with sour cream and low fat curd cheese which makes the whole Flammkuchen a lot lighter and thus, allows for things like goat cheese without feeling bad about all the calories in it. ;) It does taste a bit differently than the original recipe, but it was still really good!

Flammkuchen_rocket goat cheese 2

That’s it for today. Just remember: From now on, this blog will feature cooking recipes and my reviews of first person shooters. :D

Ask Nerdy Bookahs (November 21, 2013)

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked at the questions in the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting entries and we’re trying to answer those questions now.

What determines day or night in Guild Wars 2?

A full circle of day and night takes 2 hours. It’s night for 45 minutes out of those 2 hours. We actually did write about it before as I just remember. So technically, this question doesn’t qualify for the “Ask Nerdy Bookahs” category. But I just love the video too much that bookahnerk made. So I’m featuring it here again for your viewing pleasure.

I can’t think of a name for my asura.

This isn’t a question, but a shocking piece of information. Thanks for coming to us. I will try to help you. First of all, asura names are often quite short. They love their double consonants and they do not have a last name unless they’re very eccentric. Apparently, if they have a name that deviates too much from the naming convention, they are ridiculed. So asura parents should always pay attention to what they want to achieve with the name they give their offspring.

Female asura usually have a two-syllable name with a double-consonant. The names often end with a vowel. Male asura have shorter names that end with a double-consonant.

I’ll give you some examples (those are my own and bookahnerk’s asura, so those names are taken!).

GW2 asura necromancer SynnliFemale: Flummi, Paerjja, Synnli, Yippu, Tendda, Avvla, Groffa

Male: Sproingg, Plimff, Blimff, Pimff, Gromff, Yarff

Of course, a lot of combinations are taken by now. However, I did create Blimff and Synnli not too long ago (about a month for the first and a week for the latter name). Get creative, play around with the vowels and consonants. Or tell your asura that it’s great to be eccentric and give him/her a last name. Or how about something like “Ingenious” in front of the name? Everything that makes them  look as marvelous, magnificent and intelligent as they are is a good thing.

Guild Wars 2:  Melee Engineer?

Yeah… no. Not really. The engineer can use pistols, rifle and shield as weapons. However, engineers can equip weapon kits. One of those kits is the Tool Kit. This replaces your ability bar (1 – 5) with melee skills. The maximum range is between 130 and 240. There is also the “Magnet” skill which lets you pull a mob towards you. Other than that, the engineer has no option of meleeing it. I don’t know how viable this Tool Kit is and if there are builds around it. All I know is that it was quite fun to play when I tried it out.

GW2 Engineer melee weapon tool kit

Pondering about which profession to choose…

WoWScrnShot_041710_184501When I wrote about my favourite profession in Guild Wars 2, I was looking at the topic from a pure PvE point of view. This entry is about WvW now.

I used to play World of Warcraft on a PvP server and I always hated it. As soon as I got the chance to get away (because I founded a guild with friends on a PvE server and later transferred to join a guild that bookahnerk had been with back in Ultima Online who are also on a PvE server), I left and never looked back.

The ironic part is that I actually love open world PvP. However, and here’s the big caveat: There have to be “safe” zones and going to either (PvE or PvP) zone has to be optional. I want to decide when I want to PvP or PvE! I do not want some random player who passes by to make that decision for me. Especially since that usually meant players that were much higher in level or had much better gear and thus, much better chances than me.

Defending a tower.

Defending a tower.

I found out how much I enjoy PvP when I played Warhammer Online. For those who don’t know: The game has 4 tiers, which are basically four level ranges. Each tier had different zones that belonged to the different race pairings. For example, dwarves and greenskins. So there you were, a level 5 player in the dwarf/greenskin T1 area. You could either do your PvE – regular quests or public quests (events) – or hop into the RvR lake which was marked on the map with a brownish border. When you entered the area that was marked as RvR, you got a warning and had a few seconds time to run back in case you did not want to get flagged.

This is what I miss most in my current MMOs. The ease of joining RvR when you wanted to (PvE and PvP was on the same map in each zone) and do PvE if you wanted to do that. There were clear borders (on the map, at least, not in the world per se). Joining was as easy as setting a foot into the area.

Guild Wars 2 Mini Lion CubAll this long-winded history of my gaming habits is just here to explain what I love about “world PvP”. For some reason, Guild Wars 2’s WvW hasn’t sticked with me yet. I’ve been in there a couple of times (almost literally) and I enjoyed my time there, but it seems to be so distant from the rest of the game that I find it hard to get in there, but yesterday, ArenaNet talked about the upcoming WvW area Edge of the Mists, and it makes me want to get into WvW!

The problem here is: As much as I love melee and swords in PvE, I do not like playing melee in PvP. So, the warrior is basically out. I did think about taking my mesmer there, but I really dislike that she’s so slow… or I’d have to get builds that make use of the focus which is a reliable way of getting some swiftness. On the other hand: Maybe this weapon IS the perfect one to use in WvW?

All I know is that I want something tricky to play. The warrior is too straight-forward. I absolutely loved playing a frost mage in World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade. That mage was about controlling, freezing, slowing, the enemies. Making sure they can’t hit you. Something like that would be great. And this is why I’m rambling about this topic. Maybe some of our readers can help me here. Which profession would resemble such a playstyle in Guild Wars 2? Maybe the engineer? Anything tricky that isn’t melee… it’s okay if it’s not easy to play. I get used to it… I hope. ;)

Lotro’s class changes

Lotro FireworksThe NDA for the beta of Helm’s Deep has dropped, so I can now write about my impressions. I had “quit” the game months ago, although “quit” is probably too harsh. I just haven’t played it anymore, but especially with my lifetime account, I always have the option of going back. My warden is not at max level yet and I find it quite hard to get back into playing her, because of the way this class is designed. I had little notes stuck to the bottom of my monitors with the skill combinations. You have three skills, gambit builders, that you use in different combinations and depending on the combination, you can then use a gambit finisher. The good thing is that this feature leaves your hotbar quite empty of skills. Most of the class’s skills are executed by combining the gambit builders.

Anyway, the proposed class changes are quite controversial.So far, you can basically mix and match traits from different trait trees (each class has three) as you like. After the changes, this will not be possible anymore. It will be more like traditional skill trees (think old-school World of Warcraft). What I did in the beta was mostly looking at the new trait trees trying to figure out if I can play the way I’ve played my warden most of the time. I mixed between offensive melee traits and defensive ones. I found that this worked best for me. It took ages killing mobs solo, but I didn’t die either and I could also easily pull several mobs towards me and still survive the fights. Whenever we wanted to do 3 man instances, I could tank them easily.

I’m not saying this isn’t possible anymore, since I didn’t test it. I’m going to comment on the impression I got and that others will probably have as well. For years now, traits and builds worked in a certain way. Our skill bars were crowded (except for the warden, of course). A change was welcome. I loved the idea of not having that many skills anymore. Some aren’t needed or skills are very similar in their effects.

lotro_hobbits_picnicBut what Turbine did instead seems just bad. It’s not about how the classes and their trait trees will work out in the end. That may even be good, who knows? But if the players look at the trees, try to work with them and are appalled and shocked by the changes… then what good does that do? You can say and argue about how great those changes are, if the first reaction is that of “horror”, your chances are that players will just log out and forget about this game. Unfortunately, when you read the discussion about the upcoming expansion, it seems that several players react just with that horror.

I felt like the devs are putting us into boxes. My warden is either melee DPS, ranged DPS or a tank. But a melee DPS with tanky traits didn’t seem to work anymore. Some skills that you have been using for years now are suddenly locked away in other trait trees. Instead of mixing, e.g., tanky traits with using offensive skills, I now get access to tanky traits and tanky skills with a few offensive skills.I also apologize for not going into detail here, but I can’t access the beta at the moment to check for the skills’ names. ;)

The choice when to use which skills isn’t in the middle of a battle anymore. The choice for using certain skills is now made before you even step into battle. This diversity was what I really loved, together with the ability to choose whichever traits I liked and put them together instead of choosing for a specialization that predetermines which skills you are allowed to use and which ones you aren’t. At least, we’ll get multi-builds. You can make several builds and switch between them when you’re not in combat.

Those changes are drastic and probably a bit too much for the average player to chew on. Only time and more experience will tell if those changes are for the better or not.

Project 10/10: Where did day 8 go?

Do you remember that not that long ago, I announced that I was joining Syp in his 10/10 Project? If you have, you probably saw the first seven posts. And then… crickets…

Day 8 was supposed to be about “TERA”, but I did not enjoy playing it. I got through the tutorial with my first character, but didn’t like the class (I don’t even remember what it was). Then I played through the tutorial again with another character, but there was still nothing drawing me into the game or making me want to see more. I could go on and on about what I don’t like about the game (female castanics and their lack of armor, for one). The good thing about the other games that I had tried was that all of them at least had a certain charm to them. TERA, for me, was lacking in this department.

I gave up after the tutorial and trying out a male… high elf, I think. I loved the blood elves in WoW (although I would have preferred the leaner version they had first before making them bulkier), but I didn’t like the high elves in TERA. I don’t even know what exactly it was. As I said, the game didn’t “click”. That happens sometimes and I’m sure every gamer who has tried several games has experienced that at some point.

For me, blogging is about fun. I do what I do because I like doing it and I’m always happy when people say they enjoyed reading my entries. It’s the same with gaming for me and this is what it should be, right? A fun thing to do in your free time. Playing TERA was no fun, writing about it wouldn’t be either. ;) But it took me a while to figure out that it’s not just TERA. I liked the idea of the project and I still do, but the games I could choose from were not too appealing to me anymore. That’s why I decided to “give up” on the project now. Day 8 is lost and I don’t think I need to repeat what I didn’t like about the game. ;)

Moving on… I will instead use the two remaining games to re-visit two MMOs that I used to play at some point but didn’t continue playing for various reasons.

Ask Nerdy Bookahs (March 3, 2013)

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked at the questions in the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting entries and we’re trying to answer those questions now.

Where do you do bar brawl achievements in Guild Wars 2?

I hadn’t even seen that they were in the achievements tab. There is no bar brawl in the game, though. Not yet, at least. According to a recent interview with Colin Johanson, bar brawl will be a mini game that will be added at some point in the future. When exactly that will be, we don’t know. When it gets implemented, you will most likely find it in Divinity’s Reach.

When I was looking for information about bar brawl online, I also stumbled upon an old entry from ArenaNet from before the game was released. I know timetables and plans change, but seeing this blog entry now makes me feel very sad. I would absolutely love to have those activities in the game and this is one of the things that I miss in Guild Wars 2. The game feels “narrow” sometimes: It has lots of things to do when you want to fight with your character, like dungeons, fractals, sPvP, WvW, or dynamic events in the open world. But when it comes to fluff activities, there isn’t that much to do. We have keg brawl and costume brawling, but I would love to have more mini games like those mentioned in the blog post. There is also a forum post from a player that researched a little and he found places in the game hinting at possible locations for further activities. I guess, time will tell and show us which ones, if any, will be added apart from bar brawl.

Keg Brawl AchievementsAs I mentioned, keg brawl is in the game already. I knew that, but I had never actually looked at it until recently when it was one of the categories for the daily achievement. Keg brawl is actually lots of fun! It’s instanced and kind of like PvP, but your character can’t be killed. Think of it more like a sports game. I got a few achievements in there, but nothing else. No glory, despite seeing the glory-XP bar at the bottom. And there don’t seem to be any other rewards for doing keg brawl. Well, except for having fun, of course, and a title (Kegmaster)!

Is there a way to see all the areas you have already cleared?

Not really. When you look at the world map, you can hover over the name of the region which will bring up a tooltip showing you what you have done there already. So you will be able to go through them one by one to see which areas you don’t have completed yet. Also, don’t forget that the WvW maps count towards your map completion as well.

What does BWE stand for in Guild Wars 2?

BWE stands for “Beta Weekend Event”. We’ve had several of those where people who had pre-purchased the game as well as people who had gotten beta keys from fan sites were allowed to play the game before release. It was the first time that the “general masses”, or rather, those who were looking forward to the game’s release very eagerly, got in contact with the game and could finally play it. They were closed events as not everybody could just play, but there was no NDA, so lots of people shared their experiences.

Can a human level in Ascalon?

GW2_Ebonhawke_031Absolutely! All races are at peace or at least, they have a truce. Ascalon used to belong to charr, then to humans, and now it’s back in charr-hands. As charr and humans have a truce, humans can travel through the areas without fear of being killed by most other charr. There is the Flame Legion, however, who aren’t too friendly towards humans – or towards any of the playable races including charr belonging to the other legions.

Flame Legion is not a playable race, so you will not encounter any enemy players. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t feature PvP in the regular world anyway, so you will not meet any hostile players in Ascalon.

If you’re wondering how you can get to Ascalon as a non-charr, have a look at our guide.

How long should a norn stay in Wayfarer Foothills?

GW2_Wayfarer Foothills_Shiverpeak Mountains_133The region is meant for level 1 – 15 characters. So once you’re above 15, you can safely advance to the next region. If you don’t like Wayfarer Foothills or want to see another region faster than that, you can switch to the starter areas of the other races whenever you feel like it (see the link to our guide in the previous paragraph). There is no answer to the “should” part. If you want to stay there until level 80, you can absolutely do so. Once your character is higher than the intended level of the region, it will be downleveled to the appropriate level. The character will still earn experience points and will even get loot for his/her actual level. The only barrier you will encounter in the game is if you want to go to a region that’s higher than your actual level, as you will not get upleveled.

Should I sell collectible items or save them?

That depends on what you want to do with them. When you have crafting items like leather, ore, cloth, in your bag, you can click on the little wheel at the upper right corner and click “Deposit all Collectibles”. They will automatically get added to a special tab in your bank.

Those items are used for crafting, but if you don’t intend to craft you will not need those items and can safely sell them. If you do want to craft, look at what items your crafting profession requires. If you’re a tailor, you will probably not need most of the food items or wood. But, just to be safe, you can look at the item’s tooltip which will tell you which crafting professions they are used for. Also, if your crafting level is high enough already, you may consider selling the lower level collectibles for profit unless you want to actually craft low-level items. In most cases, unfortunately, buying low-level items directly from the Trading Post (or requesting them on the Trading Post) is much cheaper than crafting them yourself.